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Keep the spirit of After School Learning Alive: Our unique After School Sessions about digital storytelling are perfect for ages 5-9. Each session provides 15 hours of activities and pre-scheduled live workshops. All sessions are virtual with materials that are sent in the mail. Must register by start of each session.

Also includes a subscription to Global Pen Pal Letters, personalized letters your child will exchange with our fictional story characters from different countries.

Session 1: Dogs Around the World, Monday, September 28 – Friday, October 23

Session 2: Host a Podcast: Stories About Presidents and Elections, Monday October 26 – Friday, November 20

How does it work?

1. Each session has a fun and unique theme. For example, our first session features dogs around the world.

2. During the session, we work with kids to tell a story about that theme. Kids that sign up for the “Dogs Around the World” session will write a story about dogs around the world. They create drawings, photos, videos, audio and text for their story.

3. At the end, we publish the story kids create online. Stories can be shared and enjoyed!

Dogs Around the World, Monday September 28 – Friday, October 23

Did you know that dogs around the world look a little different? And that people adopt rescue dogs from different countries? In this session, kids will write stories about dogs from different countries. Kids will learn about dogs, different countries and what life is like for dogs who travel around the world. They’ll even get a chance on video to meet real dogs from different parts of the world (virtual petting only!) and hear their story.

Host a Podcast: Stories About Presidents and Elections, Monday October 26 – Friday, November 20

In this After School Session, your child will  become a Podcast Host. Kids will be hosting their own podcast that tells stories about Presidents in different countries.  It’s election season and being a President will be on everyone’s mind. We’ll work with kids to plan and record their very own podcast. At the end, parents will be able to hear the podcast online.

* All After School Sessions will be conducted through a combination of email, live video calls, and phone calls. At minimum, children will need the following to participate: access to a phone, phone camera and the ability to send/text images and photos.

Schedule: Between assigned activities and scheduled video calls, we’ll keep your child busy, engaged and creative for 15 hours total during each one-month session. Once you sign up, your child will receive materials in the mail that he/she will use during that session. Live video calls will be held at 3pm EST / 3pm CST / 3pm MST / 3pm PST on Wednesdays.

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