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Pen Pal Letters From Global Friends

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Pen Pal Letters From Global Friends


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What better time is there to than now to make new friends from other parts of the world through the age old art of letter writing? 

We have been writing and creating stories about different countries in the world for ten years now. With our Global Pen Pal Letter Writing program, characters from our stories will exchange personalized letters with your child in the mail.

Children will then be asked to write letters in response. Children will be given questions they will need to answer, will be asked to share about their home and community and will be encouraged to ask questions. 

One package includes six letters in total – three letters from our characters and three letters from the child. Once you sign up, we’ll send you pre-addressed and stamped envelopes in advance. You have enough to worry about right now.  Children will be running to the mailbox to check for letters from their new friends!

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